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Hi ALL, I try to compile lazarus from sources.
1. First I download FPC-3.2.2 and install into C:\FPC\3.2.2
2. Add C:\FPC\3.2.2\bin\i386-win32 to enviroment path
3. Run cmd.exe and ...
set path=C:\FPC\3.2.2\bin\i386-win32 // overwrite a Delphi path because 'make.exe' from delphi has priority
mkdir c:\lazarus2
cd c:\l
git clone
cd C:\lazarus
make clean bigide
and after build all then
And IDE start and keep searching 'FPC Sources' and not found, and ask where is fpc sources, I try:
and anyone can pass.

What are missing?

"FPC Source" is the folder within the FPC installation folder tree which contains the "rtl" and "packages" subfolders. In your case, this should be C:\FPC\3.2.2\source


First, I try from git, but it´s fail then  I donwloaded zip/gz from
I found in:
And extract to c:\fpc\...
and now everithing is OK.

Thanks a lot!

I also used to build fpc/lazarus from source with my own build script for years but I stopped as soon as I tried fpcupdeluxe! :)

Would you be willing to share that build script?


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