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Hi guys. Sorry, I seem to be too stupid to install a package in lazarus. I want to install the RichMemo package, but the online package manager fails to connect with "Host name resolution for "" failed.". I can browse the site perfectly though, so I downloaded the package myself. Now, trying to open it, I can compile it, but I can't install it... The only option that is not grayed out is to add it to the current project. Then I tried to put the zip file in the local folder for the package manager, but that does nothing. Could anyone help me please? I'm on 2.2.0 RC2

There are two packages. The one which is grayed out for installation is the runtime package (richmemopackage.lpk). But in folder "ide" there is the designtime package richmemo_design.lpk which you must install - this rebuilds the IDE and adds the TRichMemo to the component palette (sheet "Common Controls").

Ah, okay, I didn't see that. Thanks!


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