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Trying to find all install files


Mac Mini M!
macOS 12.01 Monterey

I am trying to setup the latest possible version of Lazarus.
I've found `fpc-3.2.2.intelarm64-macosx.dmg` and `Lazarus-2.2.0RC2-x86_64-macosx.pkg`, but I cannot find the install package for the fpc source.

Can anyone help?

No worries! I've just gone with the default 2.0.12 version of Lazarus, and it appears to run perfectly my macOS 12.01 Monterey system, presumably using Rosetta.

I must say it's a joy to set up now, four years after my first fumblings with Lazarus. Everything runs in Cocoa now, and a pleasant IDE is as simple as installing the AnchorDocking packages, and choosing a nice font. Happy days 😃

All the 2.2RC2 files for macOS 64 bit, including source, are available from the Lazarus file area on Sourceforge:

Thanks Trev. After deleting the `Lazarus` folder under `Applications`, as well as deleting my `.lazarus` folder, I was able to re-install. One problem remains, however. An error is showing that the GDB executable cannot be found. The only occurrence of GDB on my system is part of the Mono framework, which was installed yesterday as part of the `Xcode` or `VS Studio` (I forget which).

Any ideas what's up?

macOS has not used gdb for some time (Sept 2015?). You need to use /usr/bin/lldb instead.

See for lldb v gdb commands etc.


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