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Running my code consumes too much RAM memory my computer doesn't have

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I have written a code in Free Pascal, but when I tried to run it in my computer, the computer collapsed, because its RAM memory is limited (Actually 3 GB, 64 bits). Is there any website, having sufficient RAM memory, where I can - both send my code (which includes no "read" instructions) - and receive the output?

You can probably spin something up at AWS or one of the other large cloud providers. But it probably won't be cheap

Maybe a cheaper option would be to restructure your program to not need that much ram simultaneously?

Do you even know why your program needs more than 3 GB of memory?
Did you forget to free unused objects or is the memory requirement intentional?

Well, actually my program needs a three dimensional array of the size 2 X 4096 X 4096. The array contains integers in the range 0...1681.

Additionaly, my program needs a two dimensional array of the size 2 X 4096. The array contains pseudo-integers of the type: MpInteger, as defined in Gmp unit.

the 3 dimensional array should take about 67mb when using int16;
what is the size in bytes of mpinteger ?

are your arrays dynamic?


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