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OOP structures in fpc and Lazarus

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I read a lot the documentation, this forum and made my own experiences with various OOP structures, like advanced records, objects, classes. Over time I gathered a lot of information, and put it all in one document originally for myself, but now I share it hereby.
It is rather long, but I tried to cover everything that caused a problem to me and what was not obvious to find in the documentations.
I am glad if I can help anyone with it, and also would be very thankful to those who know more about these topics and take the time to read it and provide feedback.
Please feel free to write any error you find, any comment you have or any topic that should be added.
For the time being it will be here, so if you want to share, please distribute this link rather than a copy of the document. I expect it to be updated, so a copy is a dead-end with a half ready document.

P.S. It was written as.odt originally (55Kb), but it could not be attached, so I saved as .docx (47Kb). Neither could upload that. Tried to save as .doc or .pdf (250Kb) and even renaming the smaller .docx to .doc, but none of them worked. For the three latter cases the form to Post simply did nothing. Any idea, what can be wrong?

Try putting it in a pdf and zipping it.



--- Quote from: jollytall on November 05, 2021, 03:50:50 pm ---Any idea, what can be wrong?
--- End quote ---
I'm sorry. but your approach to distributing the techy information in 21st century is wrong.

Don't make people download your file and read it.
Instead you need to write up the article on some online blogging platform and share the link.
(And Google will be your friend, in terms - your article will become the part of the "search results" for Pascal and OOP)

You can write the same article on the Freepascal wiki, yet this might undermine your authorship of the content. (as wiki page is intended to be multiauthor)

If you really want to go old-school, you might want to write a book about pascal.
But sharing the book on the forum... is good as dead.  Sure... 5 people will download and maybe even read it. But that's it.
Don't let your effort to get wasted - go public! go online!

It is a shame, the zip-ed pdf is still 220 Kb.


--- Quote from: skalogryz on November 05, 2021, 04:02:55 pm ---I'm sorry. but your approach to distributing the techy information in 21st century is wrong.

--- End quote ---

You are right, but...
I see that in this community there are always people who are willing to help, correct, etc.
If once it goes through the validation, I am happy to share it in any form, wiki, whatever; I do not have copyright concerns.


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