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Thanks Don. 

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--- Quote from: dsiders on November 10, 2021, 07:13:48 am ---
--- Quote from: dbannon on November 10, 2021, 12:22:55 am ---re: "occured"

--- Quote from: dsiders on November 09, 2021, 09:00:05 pm ---In Lazarus: If you look at the matches, you'll see that they are commented entries in the .po files with the following line being the correction.

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It does not matter to Debian lintian why they are there or why they are there. It just spits them out if it finds them anywhere.

--- Quote from: dsiders on November 09, 2021, 09:00:05 pm ---In FPC: There are source comments with the spelling error too. They need to be reported to the FPC issues tracker.

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As mentioned, my previous bug report including a patch was unacceptable. Cannot see how i can do any better this time.


edit: sorry, that sounded very penchant. Having a bad time at home at present, will try harder.

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 I looked for a previous issue to see its disposition. I could not find one. Issue with patch:

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And removes the commented lines from the .po files. Issue:

Just found an issue with version 2.0.12 that is related with this issue.

The thing is if I try to "Open with Lazarus" from a file explorer (i.e. double click either on Windows' Explorer or Xubuntu's Thunar) it just opens Lazarus IDE with an empty project (or the previous project, it depends on Lazarus documentation).

The link I've post before fixes it using lazarus-ide instead of lazarus, and that works also in the explorer, but installation configures the file explorer to use lazarus so it seems as it's broken.

I've look in the fixes list but I can't see any mention to this.  Does this version changed something about this?

robert rozee:
would someone running windows (i tested with windows XP VM) please compile and run the attached test with Lazarus 2.2.0 RC2. if everything is correct, then BOTH lines of text should be underlined, and when Button1 is clicked all 4 numbers displayed should be 19.

in XP at least, if underline is set in the font style of a TLabel whose font is 12pt Courier New, then the label autosizes wrongly, 1 pixel short. worse still, this error is reflected in the value returned by TLabel.Canvas.TextHeight().

now it could be that fault lies in the font itself - whereby the underline is defined as sitting outside the character cell, but i'm not sure how to check this. the problem doesn't appear to manifest on sizes other than 12pt. i have only checked with Courier New, and only the version supplied with XP.

when i transplanted the offending font file (cour.ttf) onto a linux machine (lazarus 2.0.12), the odd behaviour partially followed - autosize was wrong, but by 2 pixels this time (expected behaviour with 2.0.12), but the TextHeight() values were correct (at 19).

rob   :-)

I checked your demo and confirm the issue with Win 11 (Laz main).

The issue is not related to the font file since when I paint the underlined text onto a Paintbox without clipping the underline is always there. Moreover, TStaticText does not show the issue (it is painted by the widgetset, though).

There are some other font sizes at which the underline disappears in the AutoSize=true case. Of course it disappears in the AutoSize=false case when the text height is larger than the control height.


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