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can fpc alias types as delphi sytem.types ?


in my delphi code used System.Types unit.
fpc RTL have an types unit too.
and is there any way for provide delphi-way alias system.type to -> fpc-rtl types ?
or only way to solve porting - ifdefs in code?

Best is to remove the prefixes, and then in the Delphi XE2+ project add system,winapi etc to the "default prefixes".

That way it stays working with FPC, old and new Delphi

The other option is to use Lazarus' macro feature, but that makes it editor dependent.
Alas, the standard FPC macro feature does not support dots...
(I once filed a bug report for that)
If it would support dots, it would be a doddle to write such a macro.


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