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mysterious marks on the sides of the editor

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It's the  "overview gutter" => can be enabled/disabled in TOols> Options.

It shows
- modified lines: green/yellow
- gutter marks: breakpoints (red), bookmarks(blue), compile error (orange)
- interface, implementation,finalization sections: shades of grey
- current visible page: shade of grey

And what is particularly useful: If you click on the marking, you are immediately at the relevant point in the text.

The editor has been designed with two gutters.
The left gutter summarises or depicts information about each individual line of text.
The right gutter gives a highly compressed overview of all lines in the file.
For Pascal files the background greys alternate to show the relative sizes and locations of major unit sections (interface, implementation, initialization, finalization).

In addition the "coloured rectangles" indicate the relative positions of specific left-gutter indications such as a breakpoint or bookmark or compilation error. The rectangles are coloured to correspond to the left-gutter markings (red for breakpoint, for example).

Is the information in the wiki too ?! With the keyword 'overview gutter' i found nothing


--- Quote from: af0815 on November 03, 2021, 05:26:13 pm ---Is the information in the wiki too ?! With the keyword 'overview gutter' i found nothing

--- End quote ---

Don't think so, I went looking for relevant screenshots etc. earlier.

I know Martin's discussed it hearabouts before now, mainly in the context of the sliding grey bit not being draggable (and I didn't realise that the other marks were actually clickable).

Basically, the righthand (overview) gutter is a greeked view of what's to the left of it. Generally speaking it works well.



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