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Lazarus interfering with selection on a different screen

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Grahame Grieve:
I have a few screens, and Lazarus is making trouble for me. Given the set up in the image - lazarus running on screen 4, and some windows open on screen one, I *sometimes* can't click on applications that don't have focus on screen 1. They'er still working, and if an application has focus, it always works, but applications that don't have focus simply don't get the mouse clicks. They'll immediately start getting them if I close or minimise Lazarus.

is this a known issue? If it's not, is there anything I should do to investigate? I haven't figured out what makes it happen, but once it does start happening, the only way to stop it happening is to quit lazarus and start again

I have two monitors and I never have had problems.

Not sure if it is an issue, but I always change the Position property of my forms to poDefault.  This way position is managed and decided by the OS.

What OS is that, and if it's Linux what desktop environment?

And yes, I do have a good reason for asking other than wanting to slap down somebody who misses out all the basic information.


I don't have any such issues (windows 10) / I don't use anchordocking though.

Looks like you are on win?
Maybe a mouse capture issue. Have you tried to Alt-tab away from the IDE and then retry the click?

Grahame Grieve:
Sorry - I'm using windows 10 current version.

I'll try alt-tab explicitly but I don't think it changes the situation (alt-tab itself still works)


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