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Windows users, please test.

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Hi All,
Your project doesn't compile in the lazarus version I'm using.
But if I create a new project and add the forms manually.
It works flawlessly.

Thanks Marcov, dseligo, wp, loaded and sorry for uploading a trunk only project. Gee you make mistakes when you rusk, don't you ?

I have uploaded a new one in the head post and have tested it with 2.0.10, set that max compatibility option too !

Interesting, does seem to work in 'several' places so far.


Since not all fonts contain a full utf8 "character set" I took the freedom to extend your demo by a combobox with all fonts available on the current system. Now you can simply navigate through all fonts by pressing the UP/DOWN keys and the memo will be redrawn with the selected font.

After I posted, I also enabled the "utf-8" option in the Windows resource tab of the project, and that worked fine too (even with -ddisableutf8rtl)

So I had all question marks after adding -ddisableutf8rtl, and then it was good again after enabling the resource option

Ah, thanks WP.  I guess I am mostly interested in results using the default font. I sort of assume (maybe incorrectly) that everyone should be able to make it work by selecting a different font.

But no one else here is seeing the problem anyway. I am surprised that the one person who has a problem displaying those char, in the Czech locale, is using the same default font but getting a different result.

And thanks Marcov, I did not know about either of those settings, trouble is I do all my dev work in Linux and only spot tests in Windows/MacOS. I must investigate ...

I would really like to see a few more test results, especially from people in the Non English speaking world.



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