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The current value of AutoInc fields in a TDbf table

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Maybe wp will find this Thread.
AFAIK he's the Maintainer for MyDBFStudio (or whatever its name) --> Look in third party-forum for this

EDIT: Found it:,8954.45.html

Thanks! I'll check the code.

It seems that the autoinc fields do not work in TDbf when creating dbf files compatible with Visual Fox Pro (TableLevel = 30) - ftAutoInc fields are constructed as simple integer fields. I will look at this problem.

Frank, could you please upload sample dbf file produced by VisualFoxPro containing autoinc field and some data records? TDbf writes autoinc field values as big endian, but I'm not sure this is correct.

Yes, MyDBFStudio also doesn't see them as AutoInc fields and treats them as integers.

I have attached the example DBF (the first field is AutoInc).


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