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Connecting to Azure Managed Instance not working



I'm currently using MSSQLConn and FreeDTS with Lazarus 2.0.2 and FPC 3.0.4. When my software (on Windows server) try to connect to a remote DB on Azure Managed Instance i get error 20002.
I tried using freetds on a linux server to see which versions where working, and it seems that i need to use at least TDSVERS 7.1 to connect successfully.
So i tried downloading the latest version of the DBLIB.DLL from the freepascal site (1.3) and i replaced it with my old dll, but nothing changed.
Is there a way to get fpc to use at least TDS 7.1 ? Is the latest FPC release (3.2.0) using a more recent version of TDS ?

Thanks a lot.


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