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Inspect variable with gdb unparsed remainder problem

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In principal, it can be configurable. But it needs quite some work on the gdbmi debugger backend.

It also depends, what will happen to the frontend. There is some todo there... Joost was working on some interesting stuff in his DAB. If that gets ported, that may offer better options for this here issue to.

It is not just changing one or two commands to gdb.

At the moment the IDE gets all locals in a single gdb output.
To change it, the gdb backend would have to
- get the names
- create dummy watches for each
- eval them each
- collect, and then send the result.

That also means, that other than the watches win that gradually fills, the locals would be empty, till all locals are there.

Of course clever tricks, like spotting integers and keep them could be done.... But that is more code to implement to get it done.


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