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Inspect variable with gdb unparsed remainder problem

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I can not inspect string variable.
Debugger says ###("gdb unparsed remainder:...)###
(like on screenshot)
How to inspect this variable in IDE (Lazarus 2.0.12)?
Best regards, Dmitriy

If you are on Win/Linux, 2.0.12 already includes fpdebug. You may need to install the package LazDebuggerFp.

Otherwise, I am not sure how much code the IDE already have to try and work around that. You may report it as a bug, if you can reproduce it. I can't tell it it is fixable at all, or when.

You can also try to download a diff version of gdb from our sourceforge page. But I do not expect it to make a difference.

I meant to confirm this and comment yesterday evening: it only affect the local variables window, not the dropdown value when you hover over a variable in the source window.


The local Window currently shows more or less pure gdb replies.

So yes its quality is lower. Getting the improved results, would cause a bit of slowdown (especially if there are lots of locals). So best is to add any value like this to the watches.

The local window truncates it, but the dropdown doesn't.

Can this at least be made configurable?



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