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[CLOSED] How do I disable the app from closing.

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--- Quote from: loaded on October 26, 2021, 09:58:23 am ---While I was reviewing possible scenarios, I wanted to consult you when the possibility of being turned off by talented students arose.

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If your operating system allows unauthorised users access to that sort of thing then you're running the wrong operating system, or you need to hire people who can advise you on how to toughen it up.


Guys, you are all very right.  :)
However, I am a lone wolf. So you have to think for a while that I'm right too.
Anyways; it doesn't matter though. good luck to you all.

Unclose-able program is annoying. But I can understand sometimes we need it.

I haven't tried but maybe this will work.

When the program started, it starts a service. The service will regularly check to make sure the 'main' program is running. It will restart the main program if it is not running. You can use IPC to let the service 'ask' if the main program is running.

But a suitably-skilled user can terminate services. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"... perhaps that's why people talk about access rites :-)

I don't know what the current situation is, but when Windows NT was in vogue there was a 40-something page document from- I think- the US Navy which talked about configuring it to be adequately robust. Allowing for the explosion in just about everything computer-related, there must surely be stuff like that in circulation for recent Windows variants.


Thanks friends. The information you have provided is sufficient for a start.
A little bit, I will wander from the forest of Lazarus to the vast mountains of google. Maybe I'll come across a wise owl.  :)


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