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Preparing FPC 3.2.4, point out road blocks now

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Thank you, that's great!!  O:-)

Hi, people,
A question that any one want to be asked ;)
When can we see the 3.2.4 fpc release ??
Thanks for patience.

Note that, contrary to what was mentioned above, not all new features of main/trunk -  if any - will be in the point/bugfix release 3.2.4 although some things may have been back-ported.
3.2.4 is basically a release based on 3.2.2-fixes a.k.a. 3.2.3. Main/trunk has release target 3.4.0 ( it is suggested maybe even jumping to 4.0.0 because of the many important new compiler features ) and is expected to be released somewhere in the future, without a current release date. Think a year or more. I would be very surprised if  a major release based on main/trunk is released in 2023....
Just so that you are not confused or disappointed when some new features that are in main/trunk are missing in 3.2.4.


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