Author Topic: What is the purpose of the incomplete pas2js distributin contained within fpc?  (Read 3114 times)


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I am asking this here because in the pas2js subforum nobody seems to know the answer.

When installing fpc it will also install a pas2js transpiler and some (but not all!) needed units, the most essential ones (for example system) are missing but some other random pas2js related stuff is there.

When asking the pas2js people they don't seem to have ever heard about pas2js stuff being contained within fpc itself and tell me i should install it all completely separate from a separate repository.

Why are there seemingly random bits and pieces of pas2js maintained in fpc, why this redundancy?

It does not seem to me to follow any logic, I would maybe have expected the most basic stuff to build a hello world application come along with the transpiler and other optional stuff being distributed separately. But I cannot see any such clear distinction. To me it seems like some random collection of stuff is in fpc, like the transpiler itself (but in an unusable state without system unit) and some other stuff like rtl.js is there but it can't be used.

Then I am told I need to install it all again from a totally different repository (including the transpiler itself which I already have from fpc)

Why is this?


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That's a good question.

Also I think complete pas2js installation is quite weird.  I didn't found a way to just install pas2js without fcp nor Lazarus.  Actually I didn't found a way to install it and make it run out-of-the-box!

I think you [pas2js developers] have to change this.
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The compiler itself and corresponding fcl-passrc are maintained in FPC git.

I assume pas2js auto builds for this reason, for developers benefit, and that that is the cause of its existence in the released distro package. (there not being much difference between a development build and release build in which files they generate)


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