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Help with security tips for network using http server


I implemented a service and put an Indy http server on it (TIdHTTPServer Indy 10) to listen on port 8180. I test all requests in F_IdHTTPServer_Web.OnCommandGet and if I don't receive the inputs I'm waiting for, I exit the procedure.
I compiled and left the service running for several days on a server, on a LAN, behind a firewall.
My questions are:
1-See the attached figure. This happened after a few days. It's a ProcessExplorer screenshot of the service. Does this mean that the firewall is not blocking properly since I don't know about these IPs (neither
2-Is there any vulnerability in the TIdHTTPServer component being exploited?
3-Any tips on how to prevent these strange IPs from connecting to the service besides being blocked by the firewall?

First of all, if your server is open to the Internet, you will definitely have unwanted guests in some way. So I don't think this is indy related.
To deal with these situations;
I recommend using a very strong firewall like pfsense.
If you want to get more detailed information;
I recommend using wireshark  to analyze network traffic. Thus, you can examine the incoming and outgoing package contents.

OK, thank you!


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