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New float fields contain 6E-154

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Is not so bad. Dbf file header has information that makes it possible to 'guess' what we are dealing with. As you noticed, the TDbf component has the "TableLevel" property, which allows it to be (more or less) compatible with the various versions. Patch I attached only affects files compatible with "FoxPro" and "Visual FoxPro" versions.


The first byte in the dBase file contains the version information:

byte 0    1 byte    Valid dBASE for Windows table file, bits 0-2 indicate version number: 3 for dBASE Level 5, 4 for dBASE Level 7.

Bit 3 and bit 7 indicate presence of a dBASE IV or dBASE for Windows memo file; bits 4-6 indicate the presence of a dBASE IV SQL table; bit 7 indicates the presence of any .DBT memo file (either a dBASE III PLUS type or a dBASE IV or dBASE for Windows memo file).

Now get the info how Foxpro and other clones treats this byte. Then you got what is needd.


I added it to the bugtracker.


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