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New float fields contain 6E-154

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Or, 6.01347001699907E-154 to be exact. This is with a FoxPro database, accessed with TDbf. If I append a new record in an existing database, this is the default value for float fields. What could this be? A wrong TableLevel or Version? I set those to 25 and 7.0 respectively, but I'm not sure what they should be.


Well, no, probably not :) It's probably the smallest possible number.

0.0000000000000000 with 16 decimals, but not exactly 0.

No, not the smallest. This number is $2020202020..... in hex I believe. More like spaces maybe?

Try it here, check "Raw hexadecimal"

I was wondering if this should be the value used for a NULL. Well, everything seems to work and with correct formatting it looks fine (the TDBGrid defaults to scientific notation), but it's annoying.


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