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How to install a package from source?

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--- Quote from: af0815 on October 21, 2021, 07:10:39 am ---Then the wiki should be updated to the actual version.

--- End quote ---
Actually it mentions a rtl-generics package but does not explain how to use it.
Usage is not intuitive as the unit name is Generics.Collections while the package / library is rtl-generics.
It says FPC 3.1.1.+ while FPC 3.2+ might be better now.
So yes, the wiki should be updated. It should have simple code examples like for the fgl.
I hope somebody volunteers to update it.

A short overview i found

Thank you all for the replies, you have helped shed some light on the issue.

While I intended to use that particular library for something, my main concern right now is to figure out how to install packages, so that I may use then in Lazarus. If understand af0815 correctly, fppkg is not the right tool to do this - what should I be using then?

Would that be the OPM, or are there other utilities?

OPM for Lazarus is the starting point for you.

Very well, thank you! I'll be giving it a test A.S.A.P.


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