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Which SVG library to use
« on: October 20, 2021, 02:11:30 pm »
I want to implement showing of SVG images to my OpenGL Windows app, compiled with Lazarus+FCL+LCL. The app should be capable of showing most (possibly all) SVGs drag-dropped from Wikipedia. I don't need animations, changing of SVG file - just plain conversion of SVG file into TBitmap/TCanvas, or in memory bitmap with 3-4 color components per pixel. The library should be free to use in proprietary software (either directly linked or as standalone DLL) without need to publish my main sources.

1.At the moment, my favorite is BGRABitmap, where license seems ok (LGPL with linking exception) and SVG support seems complete. Little drawback is that the library is too heavyweight for my purposes.
2.Direct2D/ID2D1DeviceContext5/CreateSvgDocument method (d2d1_3.h) - since this baked into Windows (not sure from which version), I expect complete SVG support. Drawback for me is expected complications with import of C++ headers into Pascal.
3.Librsvg - GPL licence, which would probably mean to create standalone DLL or EXE.
4.I googled there is also FPVectorial but I didn't investigate more.

Which of these, or possible other lightweight SVG libraries would you recommend? Thanks


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