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--- Quote from: Fabius on October 19, 2021, 05:10:27 pm ---OK ....
I just enter the name with the idea, nothing else, the idea should enter the correct names and not mix it up

--- End quote ---

Yes, that's right.

--- Quote from: Fabius on October 19, 2021, 05:10:27 pm ---I only fill in the name in the inspector for the form!

--- End quote ---

It may not be enough. There is an option in the IDE that says whether it's case sensitive or not ("usupercomptes.pas" == "uSupercomptes.pas", yes or not?).

So, first, AMHO, it's better to to make (be sure) Lazarus is case sensitive with filenames.
After, you have to fight a bit with the IDE :) ==> save your source code in a aside *.txt file, and really, AMHO, recreate a new "unit 1". Then, save it (unit 1) as uSupercomptes.pas. Then try a uses uSupercomptes; from another already working and existing unit, ... until it works (and it will work). Then paste the saved code inside your new working uSupercomptes.pas.

This is the way I do it:

* Add a new form
* I decide what the form should be named, in your case: "SuperComptes" (normally I'd add "Form" to indicated that the class is a form, but anyway...)
* I save the form. The filename MUST NOT BE EQUAL to the name of the form. To distinguish the names, many people put a "u" (for "unit") in front of the filename -> save as "uSuperComptes", or add a "unit" to the form name --> "SuperComptesUnit". There are many possibilities.
* This works, for sure.

I have make the procedure to WP ,

The name of form are formliasse.lfm and pas  , but the name form from inspector are liasseform ....



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