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Problem créate form

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I have a projet width 10 form , compile ok !

I want append a new form , and probleme

Not find the form ? no compile

lazarus 2.20

where the probleme ?


The unit has the same name as the default instance of the form. Save the unit as "SuperComptesUnit", or "uSuperComptes" - anything different from "SuperComptes". Or name the form class as "TSuperComptesForm" so that its default instance will be named "SuperComptesForm" - then the unit keep its name.

Thank you for the answer , :)

I did nothing other than use the creation of form

I tried several solutions to change the names ...., I can't find the solution

Looks like he remembers the names ...

I will try again ...

At the end, there should be a uSupercomptes.pas file, that should start with "unit uSupercomptes;"

OK ....

I just enter the name with the idea, nothing else, the idea should enter the correct names and not mix it up

I only fill in the name in the inspector for the form!

Compilation du projet - Cible : project1.exe : Code de sortie 1 - Erreurs : 1 - Conseils : 1
formliasses.pas(19,3) Error: Duplicate identifier "formliasses"
formliasses.pas(19,14) Hint: Identifier already defined in formliasses.pas at line 5

The name it's by ide !


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