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Does anyone know how I can read the contents of IB 7.5 databases, so I can upgrade / migrate them? I tried connecting the files to Firebird 2.5 / Interbase 2020, but they weren't recognized: too old for IB 2020 and too new for FB 2.5. Interbase datapump also doesn't recognize them and ID surgeons FirstAid shows lots of red and little data.

It might be corrupted, but it seems Interbase 7.x is really badly supported, because Firebird split off with Interbase 6, and IIRC, Interbase 7 was a paid version. So there is little software that (still) supports it. I couldn't find any.

Edit: the database version is 11.2, but Firebird also has that version databases, which are different. That's probably the main problem.

Hello Frank,

your best bet is to use an Interbase 7.5 server and its gds32.dll. Then you can use Zeos and its interbase driver to connect to the database. The Firebird client library should also be able to connect but some data types might not be supported, if Interbase 7.5 introduced new data types.
Interase 7.5 was distributed with older versions of Delphi. If Embacadero continues to be backwards compatible in newer interbase versions you might be able to use IBLite / IBToGo for accessing the database. But that is not guaranteed.

Best regards,


Me too facing the same problem and do not found any solution yet.

If your goal is just to recover data and the operating system you are using is windows.
Finding and installing ODBC drivers for the relevant database, and then connecting with the object component model is an alternative way to recover your data.

While connecting with the component object model;
- You can use Lazarus. Or you can save and run a regular text file as vbs.
The second method will give you convenience and speed while doing trial and error.

Do the ODBC drivers work without the database server?

There are tools that can open and read the file directly, like the datapump from the first post. Or perhaps a no-server Delphi component. Which might work if I could find a version that still supports that format. The current ones all require a file version of at least 18, like the Interbase 2020 server and component does.

A version that hasn't been recompiled in the last 15 years or so.


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