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Easy tray application


I've been playing with tray application on W10, and decided to make a component to make it easier.

It runs on W10 but the source is included.

Install the component (misc tab) drop it on a form and away you go.

Now with notifications

MyTrayApp1.ShowMessageN(itInfo, 'aaa', 'bbb');

Thank you for sharing.
I don't use Windows, but I bookmarked it. I'm sure I will use it someday.

Thanks for that.
How about a few words about why we would use your new component instead of the standard one supplied with Lazarus ?  It might be worthwhile mentioning your package on the Lazarus Tray Icon wiki page.

As a linux user, and author of an app that is heavily dependent on the TrayIcon, it annoy me no end that the Lazarus trayicon is becoming a real problem on Linux (thanks to Gnome and Wayland) but works flawlessly on Windows and Mac ??



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