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« on: October 20, 2021, 12:30:00 pm »
hey a question about the awesome tool that is fpclazup - I'm installing Lazarus this way. My standard package list that I do on install using packages...install is anchordocking,anchordockingdsgn,lazprojectgroups,laz.virtualtreeview_package,lazdebuggerfp,fpdebug

But this list doesn't match the module list you get from fpclazup --help. Do I ask to add these to the modules list? or is there some other way to install packages into Lazarus from the command line? Do I use lazbuild?

Also, it seems as though the install is... incomplete... Lazarus tells me, on OSX, for instance, that the docking package is installed, but it doesn't behave like it is? And Lazarus can't rebuild itself on OSX when installed by fpclazup - I get a compile error about cocoa and 32/64bit
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