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Need help with tickets on LazPaint

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Hi folks

It has been some time that LazPaint is out there and it seems it has got some attention lately.

Recently I received a lot of tickets on GitHub about LazPaint. I need some help processing them: checking if that's really a bug and fixing them.

If you would like to participate, I invite you to get in touch with me or Lainz.


156 issues  :o

Edit: I closed 2 issues, related to Windows LazPaint Setup.  ;)


Yeah that's a lot of issues.

Ok so there are more issues and I tackled a good number of them.

230 Closed, and 215 Open remaining

Some issues are duplicates, many suggestions are for improvements. There are also a number of bugs that are relatively minor, but still worth solving.

I've added a "wanted" tag on the features that are feasible and I've put a priority on for various reasons (really needed, basic feature). There are 11 of them:

Some suggestions are not very important or may be difficult to implement. There are 50 of them:

105 issues remain to be sorted:

Hi circular. I'm working on a marquée progress bar I only need to convert it to control. Hope I have it published tomorrow together with Josh control.

About fixing bugs: at weekend all I do is sleep mostly, too much work in the week to keep programming in the weekend. I don't know how you have enough strength to do it.  8-)


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