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Example of using encrypted sqlite databases for Lazarus needed.

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--- Quote from: on October 15, 2021, 08:48:24 pm ---Now I have made libraries an database. It works with command line but I still can't connect with Lazarus components (SQLdb or Zeos).
Some more clues?

--- End quote ---

By SQLdb I assume you mean fcl-db, and the unit usage in this chain: <your program> uses sqlite3conn, which uses sqlite3dyn, which includes The source file defines the const Sqlite3Lib = 'sqlite3.dll'.

1. Expedient approach - Since sqlcipher.dll is just sqlite3.dll plus crypto, rename sqlcipher.dll to sqlite3.dll, placing it in the same directory as your executable. Then your program will link with it dynamically and get the crypto functionality.

2. More effort for long term payoff - Modify fcl-db source code to distinguish between loading sqlite3.dll and sqlcipher.dll.

Same way for Zeos.

There is an example with explanations in the Lazarus folder :
Thanks guys! This is what I was looking for. :D


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