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Lazarus 32bit


Lazarus 32bit gives me problem. When I go to information it say x86/x64. Is there a way to have 32bit only? It gives me problem with some functions.

Use cross-compilation.

Or install the 32-bit version as a secondary installation in addition to your existing 64-bit version. For downloading the 32-bit version go to and select the 32-bit version for your operating system.

Dear wp I've installed lazarus-2.0.12-fpc-3.2.0-win32.exe but it then install the x86/x64. :(
I have installed the fcup version that install the i386 32bit but I'm not sure it is the original lazarus.

I see. My link is misleading, do not click on the green button. In the list below the green button click on "Lazarus Windows 32 bit", then select the version that you want (Lazarus 2.0.12), then select Lazarus-2.0.12-fpc-3.2.0-win32.exe (or in total:

The only difference between fpcupdeluxe and the link that I gave you is that my links downloads precompiled binaries while in fpcudeluxe the binaries are freshly compile. And there is also a difference in the default installation directories.


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