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Since 2016 I have had a problem with certain keys not rendering properly on the editor. By way of background I am using Kubuntu 21.04, FPC 3.3.1 and Lazarus 2.2.0RC2. In 2015 the Unicode Consortium added the Uppercase German Sharp S character ẞ (which result you may see rendered properly herein). On the editor in Lazarus it has never rendered properly. I have attached a code snippet screenshot showing the rendering. Linux uses its own standard keyboard layouts instead of the DIN T2 German layout. If I opened Libre Office Writer, select German keyboard, I can use the Linux keyboard to get to the letter with ALT-GR + Shift + S to achieve the upper case Sharp S. (On a DIN T2 you would normally use ALT + '+' + H to achieve this, although I have never used this since I use Linux.) Changing the locale and coding with the German keyboard does not solve the problem. The key combination doesn't produce anything on the editor. The only way I can get the image in is to copy and paste.

Ok, first of all:
This is not about typing/input via keyboard? Because the quote below refers to input schemes:

--- Quote ---Changing the locale and coding with the German keyboard does not solve the problem.
--- End quote ---
You can input/type the key? If you press AltGr+Shift+S it does appear in the editor?

The attached image suggest you talk about the char (glyph) being "cut off"?

This is usually a font problem.
SynEdit only supports strict monospace fonts (off topic: including full-width Japanese chars).

If any char in your font does have a different width than the rest of the chars, then that char is not displayed correctly.

Mind that some OS use font substitution. That is, if a font does not support a "char" (glyph), then the OS uses another font, which the OS choses itself. If the OS does so badly, ignoring the mono-spacing, well then that goes wrong too. (No idea if that applies to you).

I have tested under Ubuntu 20, using "DejaVue Sans Mono".
And the upper-sharp-s displays correctly.


Discussed some years ago:,46903.msg334951.html#msg334951


As mentioned in my initial comment, using the ALT-GR + Shift + S with Linux German Keyboard is not rendering anything to the screen. I will try to change the the font to the one mentioned.

I tried the suggested font and nothing renders on the screen, although my cut and pasted images are now rendered correctly.


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