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Connection between GameMaker Studio and Lazarus?

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Main reason people aren't using [Object] Pascal today is, mainly:

* Microsoft's great marketing (and some unethical moves as Windows detecting if an application was made with non MS tools).
* Embarcadero's horrible marketing.Sad but it's true.

Yes bad marketing certainly one of the reason.

I was digging the web for cross-platform app development tool kits, frameworks, libraries and visual GUI builders in the past few years and I have never seen Lazarus and Delphi come up in any list or search engine for any terms I was searching for but Flutter, React, Xamarin, wxWidgets, Gnome Builder, Electron and other Web based UI kits. I learned Turbo Pascal many years ago but since then everybody told me Pascal is dead so I have never even considered to look at it again until now. Don't even know why I just googled Pascal programming and this is how I have discovered Free Pascal and Lazarus.

Honestly I am shocked to see such an amazing and modern IDE with a cross platform visual GUI builder and modern programming language like Object Pascal is buried in an old corner of the web and not known, nobody is talking about it anywhere. I have mixed feelings about it, I love the potential I see but I dislike the fact it is being so isolated and ignored by the world, yet the showcase section demonstrate lot of potential.

It is so surreal, it is alive and thriving but also dead at the same time.


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