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Connection between GameMaker Studio and Lazarus?

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I am new to Lazarus and FreePascal and one thing that really got my attention is that in the applications section GameMaker Studio is mentioned to be written in Delphi and this page here claim that Lazarus and FreePascal was used to port GameMaker Studio Win32 to macOS:

I think it is very interesting considering GameMaker Studio is one of the most popular commercial game making tool out there.
Is there any more information about this anywhere to read? Does anyone know if GameMaker Studio 2 was also written in FreePascal and if yes, how much, is it the entire IDE or just the runtime, compiler, GML scripting language, Drawing tool, which part of GameMaker was written in FreePascal exactly?

I find this very inspiring would love to learn more about it.



Thank you for the link. Judging from the dates that discussion took place around the time when GameMaker (Classic) 7, 8, 8.1 was released.
Wondering how much of their codebase is still written in Pascal today for Studio 2 if any.


--- Quote from: ddabrahim on October 10, 2021, 04:39:47 pm ---Wondering how much of their codebase is still written in Pascal today for Studio 2 if any.

--- End quote ---
None, I guess. They switched to .NET (C#) for the IDE and C++ for the runtime due to this.

Thank you for the link to that article. Guess it makes sense Studio 2 is a complete rewrite in C++ and C# because it was getting difficult to maintain and to find programmers who knows Delphi.
But I can see GameMaker is not the only popular tool started in Pascal, some websites mention also Photoshop and Skype was originally written in Pascal.
It is unfortunate these projects could not stick with Pascal.


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