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Jon, sorry, looks like the people who really know their stuff have all signed off.

Look, installing Lazarus is a pretty easy process, right now you are suffering for running too many different install attempts. Like Handoko said, you need to remove the distractions !

Each of your attempts have probably left bit and pieces everywhere, I strongly suggest you make an effort to try and find those bits and remove them all and then, only when you are sure all the distractions are gone try one of the install methods again. Just one. Any one will work fine.

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Personally, I have a FPC322 (322 is a good idea on the Mac) install and I build Lazarus from source. Lots of people seem to think thats hard but building apps is what FPC/Lazarus is all about !   Its one command line and running that command tests it all for you. Anyway, choose your model and stick with it !  2.0.12 should be fine but Fixes 2.2 will have a few extra tweaks for the Mac.

Again. personally, I prefer an install where I know where everything actually is.

Good luck !


Davo, MacOs has still issues that are not resolved.

Jon Trepte:
Thanks dbannon
 I looked in the web for instructions but all were confusing referring to folders in /etc/Application Support which did not exist.
I will try again but thanks again for spending your time.
If you have a link to do this I would be very grateful. :(

This is how to do a full Lazarus re-installation on Linux:,35743.msg236869.html#msg236869

For your information you first need to enable show hidden file on your system:

Jon Trepte:
thank you Handoko


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