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Jon Trepte:
I'm a complete newbie to Lazarus but proficient in Delphi 6. I've installed the IDE and FPC. I create a new Application but get an error. See attachment.
Something seems not to have been setup properly.
Please help as this looks fantastic

Looks like you uses different version of compiled units from FPC and Lazarus. Better to install full Lazarus distrib which comes with proper FPC version. OR you will need to recompile units ("Build All" is our all)
next, in future, you can use fpcupdeluxe tool to install fpc/lazarus version you need

FYI the same happens in Delphi when you try to compile and link against DCU's that are compiled in a different Delphi version. Both DCU's and FPC's PPU's are version dependent, not major version but even minor version.
I also would recommend fpcupdeluxe or a full Lazarus distro.
In the case of Linux many distro's contain a fairly recent Lazarus and FPC.

Jon Trepte:
Many thanks for your replies. I did install Lazarus-2.2.0RC1-x86_64-macosx and as they looked the latest.
Are these the recommended files. If not what should I be using?
Thanks again.

I would advise against using RC - release candidate - versions unless you are an advanced user.
If you install with fpcupdeluxe, simply select "stable.git" for both lazarus and Fpc.
Top the line is trunk, but trunk versions need very regular updates (at least weekly, I do it more daily but I am a pensionado idiot) and are not supported for that reason.
The current stable version of Fpc is 3.2.2 although that may differ a version for MacOs.

EDIT: and indeed it does:
The Lazarus version is indeed an RC.


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