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I need a partner to develop a cad program


Hi  :D
I need a partner to complete my land surveying software,
currently, I finished most of the core code (about 70%).
I hope found a programmer who  have a mathematical background
with geometry and 2d drawing.

Hi, I am the man you are looking for  :D
But ; I also have a cad project that can run on Windows and Android systems I'm working on. The file is very fast and stable in terms of reading, viewing and printing, but object creation is not yet at a sufficient level, I am developing it as appropriate. Currently, the Android leg is fantastically developed.
First of all, it can read in Rsn (Binary format), Dxf, Kml, Hgt and Xyz formats that I created and write in Rsn format.
Polygon and line objects on the project can be exported to Google Earth.
I have knowledge and experience in 2D rendering of drawing objects.

Demo and videos on Youtube are available on the relevant page;
Android app:
Windows app :
Demo version :

In addition, there are more detailed usage videos of the application on my channel, such as sending to the printer, getting coordinate information. I will be glad if you review it
I hope you can find yourself a good coder partner. respects.

Hi, the cad programm from Loaded looks great and super fast. Great.


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