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I can't install weblaz packages.


Windows 10, Lazarus 2.0.12.

I reinstall Lazarus --- fine.  But in my Lazarus, weblaz 1.0 is shown as installed, but when I click it, it says it is not selected for install, but not selected.

I open package file weblaz 1.0, and try to install it. It compiles fine, but not executed again. It is still running task manager but not responding. --> I terminate it at task manager.

When I open Lazarus folder, there are two files --- lazarus.old.exe and lazarus.exe. But the sizes are too much different.  Please see the attached file.


I solved this by uninstalling all packages which were marked as "selected, not installed" first. Then installed weblaz, and it works fine. Problem seems to be related with Turbopower.. something. I had problem with these in the past. Not sure whether it is related with PC setting, etc.


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