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As nearly all packages that are needed by fhirserver were already included into fpcupdeluxe, I have added the fhirserver itself into the modules.
Installation of fhirserver and all of its dependencies should now be as easy as two clicks:
1: select fhirserver in the modules.
2: install this module.

See latest release:

The changes will also be included in command line fpc[laz]up (within the next couple of days).

Grahame Grieve:
Thanks, and wow. I really didn't expect that. And I hadn't paid attention to the modules functionality, but I will now ;-)

I'm super glad to know that fcpup is kept up to date. so if I use fpcup and fpclazup in a build script, I'll get a fully functional lazbuild.exe? awesome... thanks for your work.

Grahame Grieve:
well, we have some lovely build scripts here:

thanks all

Grahame Grieve:
@DonAlfredo, could you possible release a version of fpclazup for M1 Macs? - that'd be just lovely, thanks

Grahame Grieve:
he did! - thanks


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