Author Topic: FPC IDE v3.2.0 / v3.2.2 crashes during debugging  (Read 5879 times)


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FPC IDE v3.2.0 / v3.2.2 crashes during debugging
« on: October 01, 2021, 11:24:55 pm »
Last weeks I spent some debugging time on one of my programs using FPC IDE v3.2.0 and noticed following:

1. the IDE gets simply blocked when stepping through the program with F7 / F8. None of the top-bar buttons can be reached anymore, it seems like the mouse pointer got disconnected from the IDE. This happens at random places within the program.

2. other case is when trying to halt the program by CTR-F2: both the IDE and output window disappear

As I saw v3.2.2 is deployed I also downloaded and installed this version; unfortunately with the result: 100 % reproducible crash when using Ctrl + F2. In fact FPC became unusable to me, and that's a real pity because I like the IDE very much.

Anybody any clue what's going on? Using Dell Precision 5550 i7-10850H + Windows 10 20H2 + docking station with 2 additional screens (3 in total).

Details of version I'm using:

Screen shot of last lines compiled including the black screen. Error code 5 refers to 'Access denied' which is the black screen process:
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