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Adding all packages,components and libraries like in Codetyphoon

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Hello, all. I am newbie to programming and newbie at here..
I searched what i am gonna ask but found no clue.. Somehow if my question has been asked before, i am really sorry
I want to ask that is that any easy way to use Lazarus with all packages, components and libraries like in codetyphoon.
I want to make programs for windows for begining..
Thank you in advance for replying me kindly

Did you try the online package manager?

Last entry in the menu "package"

Whenever i try online package manager, downloads all contents but doesnt compile or install lots of packages/components

Why do you want "all" components - 99% of them you will never need. Every unneeded package is a burden to the IDE. A single unmaintained buggy package can stop you from working. Every package to be installed increases the building time for the IDE. - I try to keep my IDE as slim as possible.

I want because i want to try all of them to make experience for myself and learn how to use.. when i will be experienced like you i will do that way like yours


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