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Strange effect with form DockedFormEditor

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Got it! Can now reliably demonstrate the bug:

Please try and see if you can reproduce.

Could already somebody reproduce the issue with my example project?

Meanwhile I have found one more that is easier to reproduce, it seems somhow related although this time it also involves DPI scaling, I added it to the bug report:

The visible symptoms are the same: some controls are growing absurdly large, larger than the form itself, like the first example it only seems to happen when minwidth/minsize is set, but this time no unusual things happen to clientwidth/clientheight and this time it also happens immediately when shown in dockedformeditor, I have not yet found a way to avoid this corruption other than manually editing the DesignTimePPI with a text editor before attempting to open it in DockedFormeditor, otherwise corruption is guaranteed.

Please tell me if anybody can at least reproduce my problems with these examples.

It seems this issue only appears on Qt5
I just tested on GTK2 and nothing unusual happens


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