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Strange behaviour of TCheckBox and Windows Menu settings

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Hello, i've encountered a strange issue with check boxes and the font size setting of Windows.

I have recentely purchased a 1440p monitor, so i've changed various font size of windows to be more readable. To my suprise, if i change the font size for the menu setting the check boxe are affected too, changing their height and making them collide with vertically adjacent components.

There is a way to prevent this to happen ?

This is an example, from a tool i made some time ago.

In the left is when the tool is launched with the standard menu font size (9) and on the right is when the tool is launcher with the menu font size incresed (12).

Higher font size make the checkboxes go even lower, even making them disappear from the form.

In Project options check if you selected 'Use LCL scaling (High-DPI)' and 'DPI awareness' on.

Both are off.

Anyway isn't related to DPI, the DPI of my sistem is set a 100%.

After some test it seems the height of the Tcheckbox is fixed and depends on the system theme. Apparently can't be changed in Lazarus, both in design or runtime.

Don't know if this is a bug or it's caused by Windows.


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