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Where is TRichMemoInlinePicture?

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--- Quote from: Spoonhorse on September 22, 2021, 02:54:53 pm ---I still can't undo past an InDelText, and also now when I press Ctrl + Z it undoes absolutely everything until it hits that wall, instead of Undo-ing things a bit at a time.

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I'm pretty sure it works.
please make sure you're compiling using the proper richmemo version

--- Quote from: Spoonhorse on September 22, 2021, 01:21:10 pm ---I've got the pictures working fine, but I'm concerned about memory leakage, because it doesn't like me freeing up the TPictures and TRichMemoInlinePictures even after I've cleared the TRichMemo. Can you tell me what's going on?
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when you pass the Inline object to RichMemo, it passes the object on into the widgetset.
If the widgetset accepts the object, it now has the full ownership of it. It will free the object whenever it wants to free it.

Since you've said it's not freeing the object even after RichMemo has been destroy then it sounds like a bug in Windows RichMemo implementation.

I'll try it again. I did uninstall and reinstall the thing and I *thought* I got the right version but I may have goofed.

No, I didn't say that I couldn't free the objects after destroying the RichMemo (I haven't tried), but after using the Clear method. It seemed to me that when the pictures weren't there any more I could delete them, but it gave me a runtime error. I'll see if I can pin the problem down a bit better and get back to you.

skalogryz, update, I uninstalled and reinstalled Lazarus completely and it worked. Thank you so much!

i am happy to hear that, but reinstalling Lazarus sounds like a too big of a thing to fix the issue

Oh I ran into all sorts of problems, I don't know why. I'm not using RichMemo directly, I subclass it a couple of ways, and perhaps that's the reason ... anyway, I ended up with Lazarus kinda borked. But a reinstall later and everything went smoothly.

I will get back to you about the pictures and memory usage but I have suuuuch a lot to do rn. But the undo stuff is working great, thanks!


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