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LFM file doubles in size


Hi everyone!
I have a problem that does not allow me to open my application in the Lazarus IDE, it says NO RESPONSE and does not open anymore.
I started programming and I saw how the .LFM file doubled in size when compiling after writing a little more code in my application.
I have only 1 form with no more than 10 controls in it and not much code ..
Result in an LFM file of more than 300mb
I can no longer continue .. the application does not open in the IDE.
In the backup folder I have the 170mb .LFM file
I can open with that one and if someone gives me help to configure what is necessary so that this does not happen.
From already thank you very much

Can you open the .lfm in a text editor (it's plain text) to see what is inside?
I have never had a .lfm file approaching 1 MB, let alone 170 MB.

Do you have lots of pictures on your form (or imagelists etc)?


I followed your advice and opened with a text editor and I found the properties of the form objects .. with something strange in the Simple Text property of the Status Bar object that had garbled characters in infinite rows of the text document. I think it was a character with a spelling accent that caused the problem since it was that single character that was repeated infinitely many times within the LFM file, increasing its size.
Eliminate all those repetitions save the file and it is 176kb .. I opened the application with the Lazarus IDE and eliminated the text from the Status Bar.
I did some testing and it seems to already work fine.



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