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(Solved) LinePen Width does not work

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After install Lazarus 2.2.0RC1, LinePen Width does not work, has been ok on all prev. version.
This is a multi series chart.
Example: TLineSeries(MyChart.Series).LinePen.Width:= 2;

No, it does work. Look at the attached project.

I see, thanks.
Strange, can't get it to work. Hardcoded the value, but no....
Have to investigate.

I have spent some hours in investigation on the LinePen.Width .
Before I start creating an example may be I can get som advices;

Have checked in  linepen_width.lpr:
 I don't have: tachartlazaruspkg, ( seems no difference );

Dropped on myForm:  TChart, TChartToolset, TChartStyles
 Defined in the Form:   LSeries: TLineSeries;

But I have to create: LSeries := TLineSeries.Create(MyChart);
and doing like this:  MyChart.AddSeries(LSeries);

Any ideas?

Attached is a runtime version of the demo program.

If this one or the demos in the TAChart demo folder ((lazarus)/components/tachart/demo) do not work either you should try to recompile the IDE: "Tools" > "Configure Build Lazarus", in the "Clean up" box check "Clean all" and "Switch after building to automatically". Then click "Build". When the IDE restarts try TAChart again.


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