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Fpc errors on Linux


Hello, I'm trying to modify my console program on Windows and compile it on Linux. I had written it on Linux and modified it on Windows and somehow it compiles:

* Compiled it on Linux (worked fine)
* Modified it on Windows then compiled it on Linux (worked fine)

But when I

* Modify on Windows using Lazarus
* Cleanup and build using Lazarus on Windows
* Compile on Linux using fpc

I get error: Can't find unit FileUtil used by Project1. After fixing it many other problems begin. How can I compile my program on Linux using FPC?

I'm going to install virtual machine and compile it using Lazarus under Linux.

FileUtils is part of Lazarus, so you need to supply the location of the compiled unit to the compiler.  When compiling inside Lazarus this gets handled automatically.  Have a look at this discussion:

Thanks for the reply. I'll keep in mind that.


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