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Do you know an IDE similar to Lazarus for HTML+CSS+JS?

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I've been using Bluefish on Linux for several years. Coming from Dreamweaver 8 I've tried alternatives such as Kompozer, but in the end Bluefish worked best for me. You have to be willing to do HTML coding, which gives you full control. You can define your website project and point to its directory structure. From there you can edit CSS, JS, PHP and such, all supported by syntax highlight. Next to it I use Filezilla for uploading via FTP.


--- Quote from: xinyiman on September 09, 2021, 11:12:50 am ---There is no such tool because the web adopts different logics with regard to graphics (if you want it responsive),

--- End quote ---

I know, and that is why I cited Kompozer as a useful starting point for research. Unlike the original (Borland) Intranet Builder and (Netscape) Visual Javascript, not to mention almost everything that has followed, it is fairly "backend-agnostic"... obviously that means that it doesn't have support for framework protocols etc.

Of course it's interesting that- as a specific example- client/server database technology has matured to the point that we have both a good understanding of what a generalised API needs to provide and specific APIs such as ODBC. I wonder whether web/browser-based client/server architecture will ever converge to the same extent, or if it's been irrecoverably broken by too many one-man bands promoting too many incompatible "good ideas".


john horst:
WYSIWG (keyword) or What You See Is What You Get... seems to be the kind of editor you are looking for. There is a few still out there but I cant recommend them. These always made bloated weird markup

Thanks a lot for the answers and the many different options!

I think Kompozer (thanks, MarkMLl!) is really the closest to what I expect.

Bootstrap Studio (thanks, xinyiman!) is interesting, but it is also paid and, of course, directly dependent on Bootstrap, which is not ideal.

Bluefish (thanks, munair!) looks like a good alternative to NetBeans, but both of these apparently do not provide the direct visualization and manipulation of html elements at design time that I am looking for.

As suggested by john horst (thank you!), there are many more hits with the WYSIWG keyword. I will see if among these there is an up-to-date alternative to Kompozer, but this might take a while. I might just stick with Kompozer for my purposes.

Actually Delphi has got html editor and it can be work on static pages.

But you can find a lot of alternatives :


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