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Do you know an IDE similar to Lazarus for HTML+CSS+JS?

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Dear Lazarus community,

do you know an IDE similar to Lazarus for app development with HTML+CSS+JS?

If I use a search engine with the keywords "javascript" + "html" + "integrated development" (or "IDE"), all I get are the usual fancy text editors like Visual Studio Code and I cannot believe there is no tool similar to the Lazarus IDE for HTML+JS. The main similarity I am looking for is "drag and drop components on a form" and "selecting them at design time to edit properties/events visually". Of course, these terms are closely related to the Object Pascal world, but I do not understand why there would not be something like "drag and drop html elements on a DOM at design time and changing their properties visually".

I know about ElectronJS and how to transform an HTML+CSS+JS project into an executable app. But I am more interested in having a tool that helps the development visually at design time really.

Maybe I am just spoiled by the ease of use of Lazarus for Object Pascal and there is no similar tool for app development with HTML+CSS+JS. Or am I missing the correct keywords in my search?

Thank you for your attention!

Might be worth looking at Kompozer. This was formerly part of the Mozilla nee Netscape suite, /way/ back Netscape had a fully-fledged Visual Javascript (similar to Borland's Intranet Builder) which has gradually fragmented into Kompozer (which might still be integrated into SeaMonkey) Venkman (?) and so on. I suspect that a lot of the good stuff was assimilated by Oracle.

Hope that helps, if nothing else by bringing various obscure names into the light of day which might be useful Google-fodder :-)


Kompozer is from its philosophy very different from the Lazarus IDE (as expected), but it is a useful editor – one of the few that allow both visual and sourcecode-based editing.

There is no such tool because the web adopts different logics with regard to graphics (if you want it responsive),

However, there are tools for individual frameworks. For example, in the past I worked with Bootstrap Studio, which allows you to graphically design your site (html only). For the rest you have to work on it by hand.

And if anyone knows some good tools, I'd be curious too.


--- Quote from: xinyiman on September 09, 2021, 11:12:50 am ---For example, in the past I worked with Bootstrap Studio, which allows you to graphically design your site (html only).

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your hint. The screenshots of this software look promising. I will give it a try.


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