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furious programming:
What is Fairtris?

Fairtris is a video game, a clone of the 32-year-old Tetris® game produced by Nintendo for the Famicom and NES consoles, designed for modern Windows systems. Fairtris is not an emulator — it is a full-fledged game, created from scratch in Free Pascal language and with OpenGL support via the SDL library. Thanks to this combination, it is super-fast and ultra-light. This project was initially created as a tool to test various RNG algorithms, but after some time it turned into a complete and rich video game that provides lots of fun.

You can download the game here — Fairtris beta 2 (for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).

Also check out the project repository and the rich Fairtris wiki pages. If you want, you can also join a Discord server and take an active part in discussions and testing of the latest version of the game.

Important features:

* implementation of gameplay mechanics compatible with the Nintendo Tetris® game,
* extended mechanics with hard-drop and accumulation of soft-drop points,
* support for EIGHT regional versions of the game, including original NTSC and PAL versions,
* support for as many as SIX random piece generators, including the classic RNG,
* the ability to start the game from any level up to the killscreen,
* the ability to play on a keyboard or any USB controller (with input mapping support),
* supports window mode and the low-resolution exclusive video mode,
* support for additional meters, such as TRT, BRN or gain meter,
* stores the best results for each game region and RNG type,
* has a pause menu with the ability to quickly restart the game and change settings,
* shows the game summary screen after each game,
* support for two themes (minimalistic dark and classic skin),
* possibility to use it with NestrisChamps and MaxoutClub,
* it's light and very fast — should run smoothly even on a heavily loaded PC,
* it is fully portable, no installation required,
* and many more!
More detailed information on how to handle the game and its mechanics can be found on wiki pages. If you want, you can also check out the FAQ page where you will find answers to basic questions. Information on the license can be found in the LICENSE file. In short, it is entirely copylefted, so you can do what you want.

Considering the fact that the source code was not written from the beginning with the idea of creating a full-fledged game, its quality is not the best. It is true that I tried to write it so as not to get lost in it, but some things (especially menu operation) I solved using copy-paste. However, the most important thing is that the game works properly and, above all, very effectively.

If they are willing to test the current Windows version of the game, please give me some tests and feedback. If there is anyone here willing to fork the repository and prepare a port for Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS, I encourage you to do so. I'm not able to create them myself, because I don't know Linux and I don't have access to a device with macOS.

This game was created mainly to test various RNG algorithms and I didn't think about turning it into a full-fledged form, or about its continuous development. Therefore, please don't send pull requests to extend the game's functionality, only to fix bugs. If someone would like to port to other platforms, I suggest forking the repository and developing it separately. If it appears, I will put a link to the repository in the readme of my project.

So, have fun! 8)

Игре Тетрис уже 37 лет.

translate: The Tetris game is already 37 years old.  8-)
Tetris eng или Tetris rus

furious programming:

--- Quote from: Seenkao on September 08, 2021, 11:34:33 pm ---translate: The Tetris game is already 37 years old.  8-)
--- End quote ---

The first version for Electronika 60 computer was created in 1984, not for NES consoles.

By the way, the NES version was created in 1989, so it has 32 years old. So it needs to be corrected anyway.  8)

furious programming:
Will I have people willing to test the game here?

Would you like to join and create a port to other platforms? It doesn't require a lot of work — the core game mechanics and all menus are not platform specific. All you have to do is to remove the code for updating the button on the taskbar, make a few small corrections and just check how the game works on e.g. Linux or macOS. The game is based on the base classes and SDL, and this one is cross-platform. I can help if something is not understood.



When I press help button then screen resolution change and fairtress is very small image on the top left edge. Look picture 1.
And when I press help button again then fairtress is going to windowed mode. Look picture 2.

Lazarus 2.0.11, fpc 3.2.1 Win64.


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