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Old comercial app and qt5 licensing



I need help regarding qt licensing.
We distribute a system (hardware and software) PC, tablets etc. On PC OS is Linux and contain a 6 years old program made in Lazarus.
If somebody encounter a similar situation, please help me to know what to expect. This is a preparation phase, probably nothing will be done in the next 3 months.
The original development team is no longer available, the (external) firm responsabile was closed two years ago, but we will have the source code in 1-2 months.

gtk+ 2 is end of life and not maintained anymore. gtk+3 is not ready in Lazarus. It might be necessary to switch to qt5 in the next 12-24 months when gtk2 will be removed from distros.
If we try to switch lcl to qt5 what licensing issues to expect ?
Based on what I read it is legal to distribute software commercially dynamically linked to unmodified LGPL QT5. Is that correct ?

We do not have any modified qt5 library, prefer to not distribute source code and can not afford ~10000€ (VAT included) Qt5 commercial license for 3 years.
Can we use qt5 licensed under LGPL dynamically linked ?
Do Lazarus static link anything regarding qt5, anything than qt5pas library ?

Right now, I can test only gtk+ version.

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When will have the source code, what else to test to be sure that we are compliant ?

Thank you!

Qt5 is LGPL, so yes you can use it for your commercial apps.

Thank you for confirmation.

So, I should not worry about static linking in Lazarus ? Everything is dynamically linked ?

QT licensing has already been discussed:,55440.msg415530.html#msg415530,49100.0.html

Thank you very much!
Everything is clear now.


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